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The working prototype system has been programmed with the 4 G language FOCUS 

( by Information  Builders Inc.) At the time, it has been running under FOCUS_6.01, FOCUS-W, FOCUS_6P on PC as well as Mainframe. 

Programs had been written and could be provided for many data-handling procedures.

- Manual entry directly into the data bank (all segments)

- consistency checks,

- cumulation runs

- extraction runs for individual trees of origin

- transfer programs for data extraction from various other data collections in various progam environments

- Valuation programs

- etc.

The source code for all these programs can be made available to seriously interested parties on request by E-Mail

For the collection of data by or from individuals (e.g. for special transportation arrangements or special  disposal pathways, an EXCEL-Spreadsheet has been designed from which data can automatically extracted into the ECOSYS database.  


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