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SETAC (Society of environmental Toxicology and chemistry) is dealing since many years with the various aspects of life-cycle analysis LCA. they have developed and agreed upon a general framework on how data have to be collected for a "life.cycle inventory", how these data shall be validated and how such data could be accumulated for various uses of life-cycle assessment.

These principles have also been used for the design of ECOSYS.

The general idea of ECOSYS has been published in the frame of SETAC LCA groups.

It also has been published in Chimia fpr the Chemical Industry

Shortly: The presentation of the principle as applied to former CIBA.

All products and services are contained together with characterizing information as GOOD in a large data bank. All products and activities in their generation and disposal are also contained as GOOD in the same data bank. All GOODs can be linked recursively to eachother thus forming trees of origin. All environmental BURDEN pertinant to the last step of a GOOD  are contained in the same data bank linked to the GOODs.

By iterative compilations within this data bank at regular time intervals, all burden along the tree are added added and  stored together with the GOODs as cumulative burden.

Models for the valuation of the collection of the BURDEN are contained in a separate part of the data bank. Therfor relevant assessments for a particular geographicla site and for specified purposes can be presented.


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